1st Generation


Charlotte Suzu

A Dhampir who is immature in both appearance and mental age.
Charlotte is still growing, and has many interests. In particular, she is addicted to Japanese anime and manga, which she spends most of her time on these days.

In order to make human friends, Charlotte became a VTuber! Her goal is to be friends with as many people as she can from around the world.


Isla Coleman

A princess from a country in another world who is here to study our society.
Due to the fact that Isla is royalty, she is a bit of a ‘Tsundere’, and has trouble expressing herself. However, she is very kind and honest.

She is currently obsessed with Earth’s entertainment and all sorts of activities. It seems she’s forgot about studying our society, and is enjoying playing around. Whilst doing so, she decided to become a VTuber for fun!


Nene Amano

A cheerful guardian angel living in the clouds. Watching over humans is her duty, as well as her favorite pastime besides watching anime. Nene became a VTuber to have direct contact with humans, and bring a positive impact on their daily lives. Perhaps she’s watching over you right now!

Nene is compassionate, always smiling, and full of positivity. She also has a pinch of spice in her, as well as a surprising skill of spitting fire. Angelic studies from Nene’s cloud say that prolonged time with her leads to an increase of positive vibes, healing, and happiness.


Reina Sun

The child of a fallen angel and a daughter of the devil Asmodeus, Reina Sun is a demon from the underworld. She has always rejected being evil and stealing the souls of mortals. In preparation for the coming war between the heavens and hells, Reina was sent to Earth by her parents to watch the skies for signs of war for her demon tribe.Now, Reina is a heavenly demon on Earth with you!

Reina is charming, silly, and happy-go-lucky. Her aim is to spread love, joy, and positivity wherever she goes. However, it can’t be helped if she acts more demonic than usual occasionally, or uses her powers on those around her.  And, of course, if you were to give her your heart and soul voluntarily, well… she’d like that too~

2nd Generation


Neena Makurano

Neena comes from another Dimension!
Her true form is a Kitsune. Her curiosity of other worlds led me to travel with her companion Otokuni to Earth and meet humans! Neena took on a human form to see what being a human is like and to make lots of human friends! So She hope you all will be her friend too? She fell in love with the Japanese culture most, so wearing a kimono was her favorite style. The cherry blossom on her Jewellry comes from Neena’s home town which is why she loved Japan so much!

It feels like her home away from home!
She lost one of her earrings in her travels, so if you find it, please return it! She misses it.


Lua Asuka

Lua fell asleep in a forest one day and woke up in a different world called “Earth”.

She is originally from a parallel universe where all humans evolved with bird characteristics, called “bird people”. However, the bird people have stopped distinguishing between different bird species, so Lua doesn’t even know what kind of bird she is!  Her feathers are blue and sometimes purple… what kind of birds are like this on earth?

Lua eventually made her way to Japan a few years later, where she has now decided to join Production Kawaii until she finds a way back home. But it’s hard to break the space time continuum! Doesn’t hurt to try…


Shee Icho

A girl who spends her days working as a maid at a puppy café. She spends the day pampering dogs while their humans are at work, baking dogs treats and playing fetch!

She is a very energetic and excitable girl who loves video games and anime! She is a bit clumsy, but tries her best to do a good job. Due to working at the café, she spends her days surrounded by dogs. So, she decided to become a Vtuber so she can make more human friends!


Aruru Gray

Aruru is the cat familiar of an intelligent witch. Thanks to her talented owner, she gained the ability to transform into a human-like form and speak. Aruru enjoys fashion, reading manga, shopping, sweets, and lazing around. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an interest in anything “magical.”

The  witch proposed to her, “If you can’t contribute to the manor with magic enchantment in the physical world, maybe you can in the digital?” And so, Aruru started her journey as a Vtuber. In the name of contributing to the manor! Wait, how does magic enchantment work over the internet?


Namiji Freesia

A girl who hails from a digital world. She was once a support character in an RPG, a party member whose goal was to look after her world’s chosen hero. As a healer, she went around helping people all over the world in her adventures with the hero!

However, something strange happened where she developed a heart and will of her own. An intense desire to heal the hearts of all she came by led to her being brought to a place that needed her support the most: Earth. Now she is searching for her world’s chosen hero and supporting all who she can in the meantime.