Charlotte Suzu

A Dhampir who is immature in both appearance and mental age.
Charlotte is still growing, and has many interests. In particular, she is addicted to Japanese anime and manga, which she spends most of her time on these days.

In order to make human friends, Charlotte became a VTuber! Her goal is to be friends with as many people as she can from around the world.


Isla Coleman

A princess from a country in another world who is here to study our society.
Due to the fact that Isla is royalty, she is a bit of a ‘Tsundere’, and has trouble expressing herself. However, she is very kind and honest.

She is currently obsessed with Earth’s entertainment and all sorts of activities. It seems she’s forgot about studying our society, and is enjoying playing around. Whilst doing so, she decided to become a VTuber for fun!


Hana Flores

A half human, half elf girl! As to be expected from being part elf, Hana is kind-hearted, and enjoys helping others.

Since she has been living in the forest almost all of her life, she hasn’t had many opportunities to interact with humans. So, she became a VTuber in order to make friends.


Nene Amano

A girl who has angel ancestors. Since she has both angelic and human parts, her kindness is on a different level when comparing it to the average person. She will open her arms to anyone, without any judgments.

Nene’s parents are big fans of manga and anime. Maybe her name comes from an anime character…hmmm…who knows. She also loves manga and anime, too! This influenced her to become a VTuber.


Reina Sun

A girl who came from a tribe of demons, who’s mission was to come to the human world to investigate in preparation for a war that may come one day. Although recently, she’s completely forgotten about her investigation, and is now enjoying a comfortable life in the human world.

Reina is a bit of an attention seeker, who became a VTuber to show herself off to the world.